Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shanty Shakers Christmas Party 2012

This was a busy day. I got up at 5:00 AM and a half hour later I was on my way to Escondido. It took me two hours for the 76 miles.
The windshield replacement on the Saturn took one hour and fifteen minutes. I had to wait another fifteen minutes before I could drive the car.
My next stop was the bank in Carlsbad. I was not able to get in my account on the Internet. They wanted me to change my user I.D. and my password. I was not sure whether this was the bank or some crooks.
It was the bank. While I was there I changed those two items and had them print my latest statement.
At Walmart I did some grocery and paper goods shopping. From there I went to Doreen and picked up my mail.
12:00 Noon I was at Judy and Garth’s house. The Shanty Shakers have their annual Christmas Party there. Since the sun was out three structures for shade and tables were set up.

There were snacks and shrimp before dinner. We had plenty of time to socialize.

Inside the house women were busy setting up the food tables.

Pretty soon we were called to line up.

Nobody went away hungry. There was plenty of turkey and side dishes. One lady had baked apple pie which was better than the one from Julian.

People also sat in the garage.

After eating we were entertained. The sun had disappeared and a light sweater or jacket felt good.

This was a wonderful gathering. I felt strange though. I was among happy couples.
I left at 3:00 PM and went to Vons to buy more groceries. Then it was time to head for home. When I arrived in Julian it was getting dark. Going down Banner Grade in the dark is no fun. There are too many curves.

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