Friday, December 28, 2012

Convair Tooling Group Christmas Luncheon 2012

I left Peg Leg Smith Monument at 7:30 AM. In Santa Ysabel I stopped at the bakery and bought two bear claws. I put them on the back seat of the car so I could not reach them.
Since I was on my way for having lunch, spoiling my appetite would not have been a good idea.
In the mountains it was cold and I had to put on the heater.
I arrived in Santee at 9:30 AM and had plenty of time to go to Walmart and do some shopping. At Office Depot I bought a cartridge for my laser printer. The cartridge is more expensive than the printer.
The Hometown Buffet opened its doors at 10:30 AM and there were already a few of my former Convair buddies. I started to eat right away and had then plenty of time to socialize.
Ernie, one of the tool designers, was there too. I had not seen him for over twenty years. He had moved to Texas and is visiting relatives in the San Diego area.

Some of the older people did not show up. The group is getting smaller. It is wonderful though to get together once a year.

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