Monday, December 3, 2012

Borrego Springs December 2012

I am still at Peg Leg Smith’s Monument.

Most of the WINs left Monday. On Tuesday ten more said good by. Wednesday we were only four of the club.
Wednesday night the wind started and continued on through Thursday. We were lucky to have Thanksgiving a week earlier.
Paul Aakervik finally could take off. He had hoped that his repaired tow bar would be shipped to Borrego Springs.
A few days ago he and Don went to Death Valley, where the tow bar originally was supposed to be shipped, to pick up the tow bar and his car.
The wrong tow bar was there. So he drove his car back after staying the night in Death Valley.
The tow bar did not arrive in Borrego Springs; it went to Colorado. Paul had enough and called the manufacturer. They told him to go to Yuma and pick up a new one. He did that and came back with a complete top of the line tow equipment. It included all the wires, chains, and attachment for the car. I was for a new installation. Now he has spare parts.
Fiddler Freddy left on Friday.
I do my morning walks. Then I go to the library. On Friday I went to the Senior Center for lunch. It is cooked at a local restaurant and catered.
One day we had a large moon over the desert.

I could see the rain clouds hang over the mountains. They did not make it to our side.

More of the regular winter inhabitants of Peg Leg are showing up. They are from Canada and the northern states.
The crack in the windshield of the Saturn gets longer every day. Tomorrow I will go to Escondido and have the windshield replaced.
I have an 8:00 AM appointment. At 12:00 noon I will go to the Shanty Shaker Christmas Party at Judy and Garth’s house. The Shanty Shakers are the Southern California Chapter of the Escapees.

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