Thursday, July 15, 2010

Beta Sigma Phi Picnic 2010

We had another wonderful day at Mission Bay. This time with Doreen’s Beta Sigma Phi group.
We had told everybody that we would park the motorhome on the street, but since the gazebo was available we parked in the parking lot. This saved me assembling my table and getting the stand for the BBQ. Doreen was the host for this lunch date, and she suggested instead of going to a restaurant to have the luncheon on the bay.
We brought the motorhome so the ladies did not have to use the public restroom.
I made a cardboard sign and attached it to a post on the street to warn the group about the change. Everybody found us.
I cooked bratwurst and hamburgers. The ladies brought the rest of the meal.
Every year the membership gets smaller and to make it worthwhile Doreen had invited the men too.
The weather was perfect.
Usually the weather is boring but not this July. Today, at 6:00 PM we heard thunder and it started to rain, not much in Carlsbad, though in the mountains east from here they had more rain.

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