Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friends 2010

This was a perfect day, at least until 5:00 PM.
In the morning I went to North Park, one of the communities of San Diego, to have breakfast at the Rudford’s restaurant, with Jim, one of my bosses at Convair.
He is still working. We had a good conversation and the food is not bad at Rudford’s.

My next stop was in Clairmont. I visited Dixie and Gene my old neighbors. It is always fun to see them.
When I came to Leucadia I decided to see Doris and Jim. I stopped at their house and they took a little rest from their garden work.
They gave me some homegrown plums. We caught up on what happened in our lives in the last year.

When I came home I took Jean, our 87 year old neighbor, to the grocery store.
When this was done I worked in the garden.
At 5:00 PM I got a phone call from Doreen. She was at the dentist for a new crown. She told me to pick her up. She had fallen from the last step of the stairs and her right ankle was swollen and she could not drive her car.
That brought a glorious day to an end. She was lucky and did not break any bones. We used ice to bring the swelling down. If there is no improvement by tomorrow we head for the emergency room at the hospital. When it got cooler I walked to the dentist office and picked up Doreen’s car. Our dentist office is open seven days a week.
This is not the first time Doreen has fallen. We are getting very good at taking care of it.

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