Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Convair Camping Club Picnic 2010

The Convair Camping Club had their annual July picnic today, at Mission Bay, in San Diego.
We have blue skies again, at the coast, in Southern California.
The picnic was wonderful, well attended, and the food was very good. Howard and Arlene provided the bratwurst, and the rest of the group brought the salads and desserts.

Picnics are nice but I would like to be on the road. I follow Diana’s, Barbara’s, Bob and Donna’s, Randy’s , and some other people blog and would like to be with them. Some are following the Lewis and Clark Trail and are in South Dakota now.
Right know I am working on our trip to the Midwest. Some of my friends in the Chicago area are getting old and I would like to see them one more time. Yes, I am getting old too, but Hanna and I were the youngest among our friends.
Sona, our friend from the Czech Republic, is coming to Corona on the 8th of September. We will see her on the 10th and head East on the 11th.
At the picnic we had a washer game.

But most of the activities were talking and eating. Ann had come too. This was her first outing with the group since Darwin passed away.

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