Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 2010

This was the coolest July here at the San Diego coast. In Carlsbad we saw very little of the sun this month. The marine layer stayed almost all day.
I am not complaining, it was different but better then too hot.
Doreen had some excitement. Our dentist has his office on the second floor, in a small shopping center, not very far from our house. The stairs are outside, and there is an elevator.
Doreen took the stairs and missed the last step. She called me and I picked her up.
Later, I walked to her car and drove it home. Now she can not drive the car because she has a heavy contraption on her right foot.
I am her chauffeur and drive also Jean, my 87 year old friend, to doctor and other appointments.
Today we took a little walk above the flower fields. The flowers are gone, but pretty bushes are in bloom.
We wanted to go camping the last two weekends at Red Beach, at Camp Pendleton, unfortunately they had military exercises and the beach was not open.
I am working on my coming trip to Chicago. If everything works out and we have no more falls or other problems, we will be leaving on September 9.
The first day we will drive only 60 miles to Corona. On the 10th we will take Sona, our friend from the Czech Republic, to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. Sona is in Corona for a visit.
On the 11th we will be heading East.

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