Monday, July 12, 2010

Queen Califia and Balboa Park 2010

Some people complain about the boring weather we have in Southern California. They complain about the permanent blue sky. This year there is no reason to complain.
This is an unusually July. We still have June gloom or the marine layer which stays most of the day.
At the coast, where we live, the sun hides a lot.
Today we went looking for sun. We went to Escondido, to the city’s Kit Carson Park. There is the Queen Califia’s Magical Circle. It is the work of Niki de Saint Phalle, famous for her large statues adorned with intricate mosaics.
Two large snakes form the wall and in the court yard are nine brilliantly colored totem poles and statues of mythical birds and animals.

The largest statue depicts the legendary Amazonian Queen Califia atop a five legged eagle.

Our next stop was Balboa Park where we first stopped at Spanish Village. There they had open House and the artist displayed their work outside.

We got some free hugs. Two young men carried signs. I got a hug from a young lady. I do not know whether she was part of the group or whether she just gave me a hug because I am cute.

We finished our little excursion by having an afternoon breakfast at the Broken Yoke restaurant.

On the way home we visited Doreen’s son and daughter in law in La Jolla. Even with only a little sun it was a beautiful day.

Here is a picture of the best behaved, cutest grandchildren. Jacob does not like to have his picture taken and it shows.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Those mosaic sculptures are pretty cool. That's going on my list. And I really like Doreen's breakfast!