Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July 2010

We are at Red Beach, at the Camp Pendleton Marine Base near Oceanside, California.

Two of our Convair Camping Club families are here too. Arlene and Howard, and Linda and Jon have their motorhomes about 500 feet from us.
The sun burned off the marine layer early, and it was a nice day.
Doreen and I went for a walk. Armored vehicles have torn up some of the beach. Two of them came by.
They were pretty fast and I was not able to take a picture.

Early in the morning I went along the beach. A very weak seal was laying on the sand, completely out of the water. The Game Warden called Sea World, and they later picked it up.

Up on the hill a motorhome was raised up in front. The same person comes every year and takes this spot.

I noticed Shanty Shakers decals on three of the rigs. I belong to this camping club too. The Shanty Shakers are the Southern California branch of the Escapee Camping Club.
Later, Doreen and I went back and talked to Garth and his wife.

When I came back from my walk I turned on the television and happened to turn on the channel where they had the soccer game between Germany and Argentina. Germany was scoring their second goal. I got interested and watched the game to the end. Germany won 4to 0.
Part of the afternoon we spent in front of Darlene’s and Howard’s motorhome.

We left the beach, by car, at 9:00AM. At home we took a shower, read the mail and did some things around the house
At 4:00PM we had Happy Hour at the Club House. Dinner was served at 5:00 PM. Before that I heard some rumblings about not being able to bring glass bottles in the swimming pool area, and one person got reprimanded for not standing up during the pledge of allegiance.
Since I was cooking hamburgers I did not know what was going on.

We served over 70 people, which is pretty good since we have only 112 homes in our little park, and in most homes lives only one person.
The weather was not typical Fourth of July weather. The sun did not come out and it was a bit chilly. We sat outside but many people opted to stay inside the clubhouse.
All the bratwurst were gone, a few hamburgers and many hot dogs were left over.
Cookies and ice cream was left over too.
After dinner we took off for our little house on the beach. There it was sunny all afternoon.
We joined Arlene and Howard at their campfire, and watched the fireworks of several beach communities.

The weather did not improve, and we decided to go home.
At home I took the water hose and removed all the salt from the motorhome. This morning a fine mist came from the ocean and the motorhome was wet.
Even with the not so perfect weather it was a wonderful 4th of July.

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