Saturday, September 22, 2012

Art Splash 2012

The city of Carlsbad had their annual Art Splash on the street above the Flower Fields.
The fields are bare now. But workers were preparing the soil.

I was a bit early, the artists were still working on their pictures.

There was also an area for children art work.

It is a shame those beautiful pictures will be ruined by cars.

I am getting ready for the trip to Utah. One more week and I will be here at the Elks Lodge four weeks.
I used this time to install a new radio with a CD player in the motorhome. Now I do not need the cassettes anymore. So I changed them to CDs. This is a lengthy process. I had to play the cassettes while the computer changed the files for burning the CD.
During that time I read three books written by Bill Bryson. He is one of my favorite authors.
I started out with: Neither here Nor There. Travels in Europe. The book is typical Bryson, very funny.
The second book was: At Home. A short History of Private Life. This was a surprise. I expected a funny book, but it was not. It was very educational and I learned a lot about early England. Bryson had bought an old house which belonged to a parsonage.
The first room he writes about is the hall, which was the only room in earlier houses. Then he explains why some stately homes in England have Hall as the second part of their name. He goes back to the Romans, Normans and Saxons. I loved the book.
The third book is rather heavy. It is: A Short History of nearly Everything.
The book explains how our earth started and how we progressed. It tells about genes, bacteria, cells and X rays and the whole stuff.
The book is not easy to read but very educational.

I am looking forward to the trip, but I am a little bit scared to drive alone in the motorhome. This is the first time I feel that way.
I realize I am getting older and there will come a day when I have to hang up the motorhome keys.
Some of the WIN people are in their 80ties and are still going strong.

In the morning I went back to the Art Splash and listened to some of the music. From there I drove to Encinitas where they have their annual Oktoberfest.
The line for the bratwurst dinner was too long. I skipped the meal.
The band came from Germany. John Haedrich, the owner of Tip Top Meat and Delicatessen, and Restaurant, brings the band over from his home town.

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Barbara and Ron said...

I love that sidewalk, or in this case, street, art, but I don't know how that can bear to have it all destroyed. I read Bryson's book on hiking the Appalachian trail and really enjoyed it. I'll have to check out his others.