Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oceanside Pier September 2012

I am now two weeks at the Oceanside Elks. The place is crowded because it is a favorite place of the Elks Camping Clubs from California and Arizona.
The Senior Center is next door and when they have food I like I go there.
Doreen came up several times and joined me for lunch.
I had to move once to a different site; clubs get preferential treatment.
People come here because it is cooler than inland. This weekend it is different. Yesterday a heat wave started and it got hot. I had to turn on the air conditioner and ran it until 6:00 PM. This is unusual for being that close to the Pacific Ocean.
This morning I drove to the pier. First I wanted to walk there but did not fancy walking back in the heat.

The beach was still empty, people had not arrived yet.

The surfers were out though.

A pelican enjoyed the pier and the people.

A lot of anglers were on the pier.

This guy caught three little mackerel on the same line.

I like to visit the pier.

Those people were exercising.

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