Saturday, September 8, 2012

Camino Hills Monthly Breakfast and Annual Block Party 2012

We had our first breakfast, for the season, at the Camino Hills Club House. I think it is my last one.
I was cooking the pancakes, French toast, and potatoes.

We had a good turnout.

From Red Beach I had moved with the motorhome to one of the local Elks Lodges. Friday I had lunch at the Senior Center. Doreen came and joined me.

At 5:00 PM I came back to Camino Hills for the annual Block Party in the Street where Doreen’s house is located.
We had a good time and good food.

I am keeping busy by taking a long walk in the morning and working around the motorhome.
My boom boom box did not work anymore. I need one to convert music cassette tapes to CD’s.
Wal-Mart had the right size.
The dash radio in the motorhome had a cassette player. I bought a new radio with a CD player. The old radio was attached with two posts, which also controlled the sound and looking for new stations.
The new radios have a cage which requires a bigger rectangular hole. I have to be precise when I do this because there is not much room.
The wires are all different colors too. Fortunately I had taken the radio to the radio installation bay at Best Buy. The mechanic there saw the tiny inscription near the pins for the harness and I made a chart of what color wires do what.

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