Friday, March 13, 2009

Carlsbad, Village by the Sea

Carlsbad, California, is known for its flower fields.
This month the flowers are starting to bloom.

The above pictures were taken today. Doreen and I sometimes walk above the flower fields. We live only two miles from this beautiful spot. Legoland is next to the flower fields.
Tourists take the tractor and wagon tour.
The ocean is in the background, but because of the blue sky not visible.
In a few weeks the fields will look like the pictures below.

In Carlsbad we have one of the most beautiful exit and entrance to Interstate-5.

Our backyard is not shabby either. This is the view I have right now, while sitting in front of the computer.

Carlsbad grew over the last 30 years, but kept its village flavor. There was a time when there was a K in Carlsbad, just like in Germany and Bohemia.

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