Saturday, February 13, 2010

Getty Museum and Santa Monica Pier

Today we went to the Getty Museum. It too has changed from the last time we were there.
But the view from the top of the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, and the landscaping of the gardens around the museum are still fantastic.

There are fountains and water is used to beautify the complex. One fountain is a 120 foot linear fountain.

We spent a few hours looking at paintings of the old masters. One room was dedicated to show how a bronze statue is cast using the lost wax process. In one building is the center for photography. Here were large photos displayed.
The Getty has the money to purchase the best art in the world.

A tram moves the visitors from the parking garage to the museum. The tram is a horizontal elevator. It is an electric, cable driven system. The frictionless cars ride on a cushion of air, they are designed to give the passengers the feeling " of being elevated out of their day-to-day experience.

We had pretty good weather, but the city is still in a haze.

Our next stop was the famous Santa Monica Pier. This is not a regular pier. A small amusement park is located on it. There is a carousel, a roller coaster, a ferries wheel and a couple other attractions.

The pier is the end of route 66.

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