Tuesday, February 9, 2010

San Diego Wild Animal Park

There was a blue sky when I woke up this morning. The rain clouds were gone.
When Doreen got up I told her we should go to the Wild Animal Park. We have a ticket for free parking which expires the end of February.
Our first stop was the Lorikeet area. Here, one can buy a little cup with some sweet liquid in it.
The birds love this drink and fly to the people with the cups. Some kids had five or more birds on their arms.

The San Diego Wild Animal Park is not only known for its animals. The landscaping is well known too.
The Southern California climate makes it possible to have all kind of exotic flowers and bushes and trees.
We attended a bird show and did some walking.
Since we are members of the Zoological Society, we have a yearly pass, and do not have to see everything in one day.
We had brought our own lunch and enjoyed it while watching what happened around us.

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