Monday, February 15, 2010

Newport Beach and Old World Village

This was another fine, warm, sunny day. We went to Newport Beach and Balboa Island. Because of the holiday the island was crowded. We were lucky and found a parking spot.

We did some walking along the main tourist street.
The last five days Doreen has been feeling better than in the last five years. She has no vertigo and balance problems. She had a MRI on her head not so long ago and they could not find the problem. Now she stopped taking one of her medications and she feels fine.
When we get back her doctor has to give her a different medication for her high blood pressure.
At least we know now what the problem is.

From Balboa Island we went to the "Old World Village" in Huntington Beach. This is a little German shopping center. We used to buy our bread and sausages there. The stores are closed on Mondays, we had forgotten that. It was nice though to walk around.

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