Friday, February 26, 2010

Working around the house and motorhome.

We are at home for a couple of weeks and doing work around the house, on the motorhome, and having dinners with friends.
I replaced the water faucet and sink in one of the bathrooms. Our little garden needed some attention.
Every week I give the garbage people three garbage cans with weeds and plants I removed.
For fun I had a root canal on two teeth, and had three teeth ground down for crowns.
Presently I have three temporary crowns. It took almost four hours and cost $3,130.00
Without dental insurance it would have cost more.
My WIN friends pay a lot less in Algodones, Mexico.
Doreen made new curtains for the three bedroom windows in the in the motorhome. They look nice but the valances did not match the curtains.
I had to remove the old material from the valances and attach the new ship themed material. Buying material with pictures was not smart. It took me a long time to make it look decent.
While we were at it, I also bought a new comforter. One site is with stripes and the other side is a light blue color. At the moment we are trying out the stripes.

I also installed the television set on a hinged door. Now I can use the space behind the TV. I bought a rotating switch for changing from using the VCR to DVD. There is one more connection, for another electronic appliance.
I also installed two 110 volt power strips, one from the shore line and one from the inverter. When we are dry camping I use the 1000 watt inverter for the TV and other entertainment appliances. For the microwave oven and the rest of the motorhome I use the 2500 watt inverter.

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